Cyber Security Audits

At Cyber Garrison, we offer comprehensive cyber security audit services to help organisations assess and enhance their security posture. Our audits are designed to identify vulnerabilities, assess risks and ensure compliance with industry standards.

Who Should Use Our Audit Service

Cyber Garrison specialises in delivering thorough cyber security audits aimed at empowering organisations to evaluate and strengthen their security posture. Our audits are meticulously designed to uncover vulnerabilities, analyse risks and ensure adherence to industry standards and best practices.

Thorough Assessment

Our experienced auditors conduct in-depth evaluations of your organisation’s IT infrastructure, policies and processes in order to identify potential security weaknesses.

Risk Analysis

We prioritise risks based on severity and likelihood, providing you with actionable insights to mitigate vulnerabilities effectively.

Compliance Check

We assess your security measures against relevant regulatory requirements and industry standards, ensuring that your organisation remains compliant.

Customised Recommendations

Based on audit findings, we provide tailored recommendations and actionable steps to strengthen your cyber security defences.

Key Features of Our Cyber Security Audits

Our expert assessments ensure compliance with industry standards and equip your organisation with actionable insights to enhance security posture.

Cyber Security Audits We Offer

Network Security Audits

Assess the security of your network infrastructure, including firewalls, routers and switches, to identify vulnerabilities and unauthorised access points.

Application Security Audits

Evaluate the security of your software applications to identify coding flaws, configuration errors and potential entry points for attackers.

Policy and Compliance Audits

Review your organisation's security policies and procedures to ensure alignment with regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Penetration Testing (Pen Testing)

Simulate real-world cyber attacks to identify and exploit vulnerabilities before malicious actors do.

Benefits of Cyber Security Audits

  • Identify and address security weaknesses before they are exploited by cybercriminals.
  • Enhance your organisation's overall security posture and resilience.
  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements and industry standards.
  • Gain insights to optimise security investments and resources.


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